Living Goodness
We Distribute the Best!


If you are price hunting for commodity ingredients and heavy chemicals, we are not for you.

We distribute cultures, enzymes and other life-giving ingredients and products that will give you the natural edge in meat, dairy, bread, beer, etc.

Ask re: Kosher, Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan.

We also distribute rapid quality tests, that have the minimum carbon footprint, and gets the job done effectively and efficiently.

If you are looking for food product development and replacing heavy chemicals with natural alternatives, consider working with us.  Our shelving/storage and traceability solutions save you money and add a tremendous amount of value to streamlining your systems and procedures, giving you the edge in effectiveness and efficiency.

If we cannot supply you or help you directly, we will make recommendations for the right product and supplier.

Imports, Exports, Distribution, Training, Technical Support